The narcissus did it!

Preparing for art group last month I learned our workshop would focus on the traditional flower for Chinese New Year festivals, the narcissus.  It is always a delight to have accomplished local artist Nenagh Molson share some of her vast knowledge of Chinese Brush Painting.  When asked to suggest topics for her occasional visits, our group sometimes has trouble agreeing on just one.  Then we remind ourselves of the group’s name–the Studio of Harmonious Endeavors—and the discourse fades.  We also take heart in knowing that there’s bound to be something for everyone in whatever we explore.

I studied the narcissus briefly some months back and finished the composition shown above. At the time I even cobbled together various examples and notes, and earmarked several of my resource books.  As sometimes happens though, good intentions went by the wayside, and my bits and pieces were not nearly as organized as I’d like.  But then along came this opportunity to revisit the harbinger of spring and all things new, the lovely narcissus.

So I pledged to start something new of my own, this blog.  What better place to assemble my examples, notes, and yes, even my own “homework” attempts.  The end result might even be of interest to others.

Intending to embellish my notes with visuals, I do have a few new techie tricks to learn before continuing.  So here goes, fellow artists, and may your brushes also move in inspired ways!

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