Painting Narcissus – Part 2

With an abundance of new information about painting the narcissus, I spent hours working on different leaf styles and flower formations.  As I compiled my notes, all sorts of questions came to mind:  which side was the “front” of a leaf?  Is it the same as the “top” of a leaf? do you point the smiley face in the corona in a particular direction? are they like sunflowers and seek the sun?

I hunted for more examples of interesting compositions.

And I completed two compositions which I subsequently glued and turned into art cards.

I have yet to complete a composition in the more traditional manner with bulbs showing and in a natural or “wild” setting.  This example from an old Lingnan style instructional book  has some interesting curly leaves and the grouping is next to a rock.

These rocks are not just any rocks….they are reminiscent of the Tai Hu rocks featured in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden in Vancouver.  Imported from Lake Tai near Suzhou in China, these weathered limestone rocks are thought to evoke supernatural powers and entice lucky spirits.  I wonder if that works for painted ones as well.

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