Chinese Brush Painting Lessons in Victoria

My journey into the world of Chinese Brush Painting began with lessons.  My instructor was a potter who added brush painting to his skills base in order to embellish his creations in clay.  Like many artists he supported his artistic endeavors with teaching, and I was among the beneficiaries.

On arriving in Victoria I sought to continue developing my skills and was amazed to find such a vibrant art community.  Lesson seekers here are fortunate indeed to have access to individuals with great knowledge and skill.

The following are the several resources I  discovered where lessons are periodically available. Friends of the Rat are encouraged to regard this list as a starting point to seek out opportunities that suit their individual needs best.  And if you know of any brush painting lessons not mentioned, please add Comments below.

On arrival in Victoria I needed to replenish my black ink (liquids not allowed in packing crates) and turned to my computer for help. To my delight I found not only a convenient Chinatown (the oldest in Canada!) with many shops to meet my ink needs, but also an art group for weekly support.  Through them I learned lessons were available with a very accomplished brush painter, Andy Lou, for artists at various skill levels. He also conducts workshops and lessons through the Continuing Studies Department of UVic and at the Coast Collective.  An added benefit to studying with Andy is showing your work in his annual Christmas studio display.

Several members of our art group also paint with an art club at the Monterey Rec Centre in Oak Bay where they also benefit from the ongoing support of a “retired” brush painting instructor John Nip.  A number have taken lessons at the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre  in Collwood with instructor Barbara Elford.  Her classes are very popular and fill up rapidly.   Instruction is also available during winter months at the Victoria Silver Threads Senior Centre with Kileasa Wong.  I have also heard that private lessons have been given on occasion by May Ip-Lam from her gallery down town.

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has a substantial collection of Asian art to further inspire and enlighten those who share a passion for this ancient art form.

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