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Aquatic arsenal—painting water plants

The devil is in the details. This observation has variously been attributed to Mies Vander Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Gustav Flaubert. I would surmise any creative person sooner or later discovers that attention to the small details does indeed contribute … Continue reading

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Beyond the bridge, a mountain slope

Although it took me almost 40 years of avid genealogy research to trace my roots into the highlands of northern Scotland I always knew there had to be some Scots blood in me. I love the swish of a kilt, … Continue reading

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McBride, Monet and Me: Bridges

My younger sister was born on a bridge. Right in the middle of it, if family legend bears truth. It was a crisp night in early December 1951 and our parents were hurrying as best they could on snowy roads … Continue reading

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